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Please note these are just some things to consider when inquiring & comparing different casting companies on the market & to ensure you are not being overcharged, or compromising quality for price on such precious keepsakes that you can not get back -

1. - FRAME WORKMANSHIP - Check and compare what other competitors frames are constructed from - Are they made using quality hardwood and MDF wood backed or matt board / foam core backed frames sealed with framers tape. Ensure you are aware of the different quality frame types & that you are paying for this choosen quality accordingly & not being over charged for a cork board/ matt board backed frame. NOTE: - despite different theories MDF backed frames will NOT acid-burn the display box as there is a protective matt-board layer between that & the outside of MDF sealed back. We offer both a quality frame range (MDF Backed) & budget frame range (matt board/ foam core backed).

2.- HANGING MECHANISM - Check what form of hanging frames have - is there a coated wire hanger or string / cord. Does it have felt backed corner pads on the frames, so they sit away from the wall to avoid marks on walls & allow for air circulation. 

3. - WARRANTY - check what a warranty with competitors actually cover is it just the contents the frame is made from or is it the complete frame, matt board and castings etc. Read & inquire about the fine print.

4.- MATT BOARD QUALITY - are you getting superior matt board quality? Are the prices from competitors only for a single layer matt board etc. All of our frames have a double matt board front.

5. - STONE - check if the competitor is using a form of plaster of paris for their castings instead of quality precious stone. Plaster of paris can deteriorate over time, by chalking & affecting casting quality. 

6. - PAINT - check if the competitor uses quality paint that contains a primer in it to avoid anything happening to your painted castings over time. All of our castings are handpainted & NOT SPRAY PAINTED.

7. - CASTING MATERIAL - check that your competitor is using high quality alginate to be able to get a casting that is full of detail & quality.

We hope this information helps as we feel it is very important for you to think about these things when comparing products & prices with other competitors on the market. It will give you a better understanding of what you are getting for your money. Please be assured that at TLC Castings (formally known as Crystal Keepsakes - Brisbane North) we have the highest standards of quality, 100% guarantee our workmanship on our quality range frames & can verify any of the above within our quality range frames.

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